Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Procrastination Meme

Another Meme!  I have long been a fangirl of Strawberry Singh and I love that she is asking us to do these memes.  This one is the Procrastination Meme which is totally fitting for my day.  I am supposed to be working but my mind is just not on work today so between putting in a check here and there I am going to answer these questions!
  1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? Starlight Composer - Jan 4, 2010  although I only started on this account about a month ago.
  2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? Back on my old account I accidentally wound up at a club called Aftershock which is where I met most of the people I hung with my whole last avatars life.
  3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now? In my linden home I am hoping to find myself a little place to put a skybox sometime soon.
  4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) Kulara Darkstone.  She was my first friend in SL and the only person I have added from my old life.
  5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) I dont have much but the new Truth hair from FaMESHed.
  6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life?  Same as above
  7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? Red or Pink
  8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? Probably Run, I am far too impatient for walking but mostly I stand in one place and cam around if I can
  9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? I remember many years ago I had a sweet little beach island and everyone around me had nice little places with gardens and then someone moved in and threw up a huge ugly castle.  They were always shouting and then coming over to my island and having pixel sex in my house.  So I may or may not have shot sperms and left freenises all over their island.
  10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? Oh geez this is a hard one...Reese Witherspoon maybe?  It would be a pretty boring movie :)
There you have it...I have procrastinated alll morning.  So maybe I should go do some work.  Naaaaaah!

Ta Ta!

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