Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I wish I may....I wish I might..


Another week, another meme from the lovely Berry.  This week she would like us to ask the Sl genie for 3 wishes.  I see that a lot of people are struggling coming up with all three but I think this will be pretty easy for me. Its not that I am not happy in SL.  I am...I would not have come back if I wasn't.  Its just that there are reasons that I left the first time and they still seem to be there.  This time I am finding other ways to get around those reasons.  One of those being this blog.  I am so thrilled that people actually seem to be reading it and I have a few posts in mind for this week and for the next few.  So thank you to all of you who have been reading!  With that...here are my 3 wishes!

Wish #1 I think a lot of you have this same wish....I wish I was more social in SL.  Since I have come back to SL I added only one person from my old Slife.  I still only have that one friend.  Its not that people haven't reached out.  They have, but I am always so shy to add them.  I also find that if there is someone I really like that I am afraid to reach out to them.  I fear that by randomly asking them to hang out that they will think I want something from them or think I am too new or have other ulterior motives.  I guess fear and loneliness is what brought most of us to SL.  I wish I could just break out of my shell and not fear rejection...yeah good luck!

Wish #2  Judgy people are judgy....Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just get along?  I would love to be able to put up a platform somewhere and invite DJ's in and just have some getting to know your plurk friends parties.  I just know that this is not even an option.  Sure I could do it...but this person wont show because that person is going to be there. Or they will show just to start drama...or whatever!  I realize that anytime you get a group of people together some of them will not like each other.  Its so frustrating when trying to get to know people that person A who seems really nice wont be friends with you because you are friends with person B who also seems nice.  Hey I've already been blocked on plurk and been in my own share of drama.  I am certainly not perfect.  I just think that maybe we wouldn't all be so lonely if we just were less judgy and tried to get past our differences.

Wish#3  I touched on this once already in a past blog but here goes again.  I am not thrilled with the direction that SL seems to be going.  It seems to me and has been expressed to me by a couple of different people that SL clothing and sims have gone the way of the blogger.  What do I mean by that?  There are some AMAZING new mesh clothes out there, really there are BUT ummm how am I supposed to dance?  I feel like I am back in the old days sometimes with system skirts.  I feel like if I want to be social and try out a club that I can only wear jeans if I want to hang out and dance.  Some of the shorter skirts work but still look awkward to me.  I am so totally not knocking the designers because WOW...some of the stuff you all come up with I just cant even believe.  I just wish that SL would remember that not everyone here is here to blog.  Some of us want to run and jump and play and dance and still look cute.  So I guess my final wish is for an in between.  Clothes that you can look beautiful on a blog in but not weird on the dance floor.  I just want to do more than stand around and look pretty...is that too much to ask?  LOL

So those are my three wishes!  I am loving reading all of yours!  This has been such a great experience so far and I hope you enjoy reading!

Ta Ta!

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  1. Kudos to #2! I feel like there is so much animosity now amongst people because people are so judge-y or catty or just quick to pick a fight, it's so hard just to even have a party with drama. Anyhow, hope your wishes come true! <3