Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 things I hate about SL

Ok I can't say I actually "hate" ANYTHING about SL.  But there are definitely some things that bug me and thanks to Ms. Berry I get to complain about them!  I have actually been working really hard on being a more positive person in my RL.  So many of us get caught up in the bad things going on around us that we don't stop to say "Hey!  My life isn't so bad".  But sometimes it is nice to get some stuff off your chest... so here goes

  1. Random Tp's - I think we have all had this happen to us.  We are standing there on a pose stand trying to figure out what hair works with which outfit and boom...Oh Hai!  Yes I am standing in the middle of your club with no clothes on and just a hair base and boots.  Grrrrrrr I'm actually pretty shy about showing my body in SL so that doesn't thrill me.
  2. Unrequested group joiner spam - Oh how I have fought with this.  I had some girl requesting me to join her group about every 5 days.  I politely messaged her and asked her to stop sending me requests as I didn't know her nor wish to join her group.  At this point she got very nasty with me so I reported her.  I wound up having to report her about 15 times before LL did anything about it.  She was banned but then just created an alt and I started getting the requests from her alt.  It became a huge deal that I never want to deal with again.  So if someone politely declines...take them off your list!
  3. Cliques - Now I understand that Cliques are going to happen in any social group.  But when you are just starting out as I am, I get frustrated by the fact that people are not open to meeting new people.  I see on plurk everyone complaining "I have no friends in SL, I stand alone on my platform all day."  But when you try to befriend them or maybe get to know them better you get shunned either because you are not a SLebrity, have a beautiful blog or can do something for them.  I am in no way saying everyone is like that.  Since I have come back I have met some really wonderful open people but sometimes I find it frustrating when I put myself out there and get nothing back.
  4. People who are not willing to try new things - My Sl best friend is guilty of this ;P   When I came back to SL I was like "ACCCK Mesh! How do I do this?  Help me!"  I was told "I hate MESH its ruining my SL!"  Ok...I love her but how can Mesh ruin your SL?  I understand that her computer is old and maybe she cant wear or see Mesh on hers. I totally get it...It sucks to feel like you constantly have to upgrade your system to keep up with the times.  But it never hurts to try!  You might find you like it!
  5. People who don't read profiles - Back in the day when I was partnered nothing drove me crazier than "Hey UR HAWT.....ASL?"  Ok...first of all learn to spell.  Second...if you say ASL to me...I wont continue the conversation...EVER.  Third...did you not see all the gushy lovey doveyness on my profile?  Why would you think I would even respond?  (Haha ok so I may have made up a word there)  Also I feel bad for designers who get out of the blue HELP ME IMs...most people have contact info in their profiles.  Unless it says...IM me anytime I'm happy to help.  ALWAYS drop a notecard and leave a little message..."Hey I dropped you a notecard cause I'm having issues with...." Not that difficult people.

Le Sigh...now that I got that off my chest I think I can be happy again for a while!

Ta Ta!

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  1. I am loving that you are doing all of these. I hope to see you blogging more! :D Thanks for participating. <3