Friday, March 15, 2013

Starting over..

Isn't SecondLife great that it gives you the opportunity to start over at any time?  I left Sl about a year and a half ago because I was ending an SL relationship and starting a RL one.  I felt that I needed to let go of SL in order to fully invest in this new relationship and see where things went.  Well a year and a half later I am living with the love of my life and best friend but I miss SL.  I have always missed SL but lately I am realizing I can have both and it shouldnt affect either.  I will not let it take over my life this time.  I will not miss out on RL events for SL.  I will happily enjoy both.

This wont be a fashion blog, although if I find something to die for I may have to show you.  I will blog about both my RL and my SL.  Neither do I expect to be very exciting but I look forward to sharing it even if not one single person ever reads it. 

I havent even logged into Sl under this name yet.  I am a little scared since I created this avi back in 2008 and never logged back into her.  I will prolly log into some info hub and fall off my chair from the horror.  I think a skin and shape will have to be my first priority.  Thank goodness I am starting over at skin fair time!

Well I should prolly do some RL work bye for now!

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